^ Valyrian Ice + Fire

  • IMG_00152 part rye
  • 1 part bourbon
  • 1 part Heering cherry liqueur
  • a squeeze fresh lemon and / or grapefruit juice
  • a squirt Angustora bitters
  1. shake vigorously over ice + strain to a martini glass *
  2. garnish with brandied cherry ** and lemon twist; dost in sea salt


^ = a play on Fire and Ice cocktail pub’d in Esquire.  Among other diffs, that drink packs a three-part bourbon whollop instead of lightening with two rye. Drogo takes the Dothraki Big Brother while Daenerys sips this.

* = pour over an ice cube made from strong lapsang souchong tea; remove prior to serving

** = soak maraschino cherries in equal parts calvados and / or brandy (Remy) overnight

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